About Us

Agri Solution for Efficiency and Sustainable Growth

Get to know about our Organization

NAFAKA KILIMO is a strong, efficient organization that builds the capacity of individuals, groups of smallholder farmers, private value chain actors and partner organizations through interventions in our five core competency areas: Business Development, Producer Organizations Development research, technology innovation; Networking and collaboration, Learning and Knowledge Management. We carry out these interventions to achieve positive change in five technical areas: Agriculture; Gender and Nutrition, Marketing; Livelihoods, Climate Change.

Our Vision

A strong and efficient organization that stimulates and revitalizes cereal and horticultural products and with our expanding clientele will continue to expand into agricultural growth markets that include aquaculture and specialty value chain in Tanzania that works with small holders’ farmers and other agricultural value chain actors.

Our Mission

Empowering small holders and agricultural actors facilitate development and transformation of agricultural and aquaculture sectors and influence promotion of value chain and market approached through research, technology innovation, business development and capacity strengthening of value chain actors